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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California Funds Local Power Inc. Regional Energy Resiliency Projects

The California Energy Commission approved Local Power Inc.'s funding to implement Renewable Energy Secure Communities in Sonoma County and San Luis Obispo Counties over the next three years. Escaping the state budget crisis butcher block, the Sonoma County project, a partnership of Local Power, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the Sonoma County Water Agency (read SCWA doc), leading the North American Climate Initiative, will produce an complex carbon and economic model for the development of a portfolio of major renewable energy infrastructure proposed in LPI's 2008 Climate Action Plan for Sonoma communities, which was completed by the Sonoma Community Climate Action Plan (link to plan) in 2008 following countywide reduction of the nation's leading greenhouse gas reduction commitment (see the blog entry below). The San Luis Obispo contract, announced by the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (read announcement here) will research local renewable energy resources and market opportunities, spanning 18 months, to establish an informed approach to renewable energy development in the region by San Luis Obispo county.  Local Power was retained by Sonoma County to collect and analyze meter data from Pacific Gas & Electric to analyze energy use in the region and refine its 2008 portfolio model, which would achieve a 66% Renewable Portfolio Standard by 2015 without requiring any increase in rates (link to LPI docs is on our company web site).

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