Sunday, October 26, 2014

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The past year has seen a lot of action on Community Choice Aggregation, and Local Power Inc. continues to rake in good press on our leadership. Next month I will join the manager of California's largest PACE program Renewables LLC and SolarCity at NorCal Solar to talk about the emergence of CCA as a revolutionary platform for solar development. In California, some ten counties are now actively preparing CCA programs for implementation as San Francisco's Local Agency Formation Commission completes a peer review of the business case and program design that LPI completed for the City last year. Meanwhile, Sonoma Clean Power, which is the state's second CCA to come online, just announced that it has doubled the amount of solar photovoltaics online countywide in a single stroke of the pen, signing a contract to install seventy megawatts. Nationally, I just returned from a speaking tour of New York State and Montana, where CCA has attracted the attention of both activists and policymakers. In New York, where last year's hurricane devastated the state with flooding, power disruptions and a doubling of Winter rates, Governor Cuomo has installed new leadership at the New York Public Service Commission with orders to find the best ways to implement distributed energy resources - the so-called Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding. Prompted by local activist group Citizens for Local Power, LPI prepared CCA legislation for New York state earlier this year, and the PSC appears to be interested in CCA as a platform for distributed energy resources to  enhance local energy resiliency. Finally, CCA continues to grow at a record pace throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois and Ohio, promising yet another year of dramatic growth, with growing recognition of its radical potential to open the market for distributed generation, energy efficiency, storage, and microgrids. Today, some five percent of Americans receive their service from Community Choice Aggregation: it is thinkable that this figure will reach ten percent in the near future, making CCA a significant and permanent element in the American energy system. To review recent articles, sign up for updates or twitter feeds, check out Local Power's news page.  If you prefer facebook, connect with me here.

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Such good news - keep up your work and we are out there, listening!!

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