Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CCA Goes National With Cincinnati

Greenpeace's blimp over Cincinnati was a rallying flag; Community Choice has finally reached a nation-wide audience. With the City of Cincinnati mobilizing to implement a 100% renewable power service Citywide to all customers using Ohio's decade-old CCA law, the profile of a new idea, now over a decade in the making, has assumed the mantle of an achieved new reality. With dozens of new CCAs being implemented, 150 cities and counties moving to implement CCA in Illinois, and San Francisco now moving joining Marin and other California cities and counties to implement this vision of a new kind of power, Community Choice Aggregation has finally become a palpable national movement.

In past years, CCA in one state was considered separate from CCA in another. Today, California's CCA movement, determinedly focused on greening the power supply, changing the business model, and implementing local green power projects, has gripped the imagination of American cities facing de-funded state budgets, collapsed property tax-based revenues, and a stagnant economy. The idea of a  dramatically more renewable power supply at competitive prices with monopoly power is now shared between Cape Cod, Cincinnati and San Francisco Cities, large and small, rich and poor, rural and urban. Perceiving the power of aggregate purchasing, solar finance and local control, are turning to CCA for the true opportunity it was meant to provide from the start. Check out the Local Power News page or my daily news aggregator, Power Grab News.

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