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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New York Times Features Marin and SF Green Power Fight With PG&E

Katherine Mieszkowsky has written an illuminating article in the Sunday Times on Marin's climate protection efforts - and the efforts of utility giant PG&E to block them. "Through a form of public collective purchasing (Marin) plans to provide a greener alternative to the power from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Northern California’s dominant utility....Unless, that is, P.G. & E., which is investor-owned, stops it. At the moment, it is making every effort to that end, jawboning participants, hinting at legal action and, most importantly, backing a voter referendum to nip such plans anywhere in the state....Marin, closely followed by San Francisco, is racing to get its program established because a statewide initiative, backed by P.G. & E. and likely to be on the ballot next June could make it much harder to do so."

Click Here to Read the New York Times article.

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