Friday, January 8, 2010

New York Times Features California Local Power Movement, PG&E Attack

California's Community Choice Aggregation Movement has finally hit prime time: a second story in the New York Times within one month features Local Power's vision for bring greener and cheaper power, and green jobs, to Northern California communities. Journalist Debra Kahn of Greenwire writes extensively about PG&E's Proposed "Power Grab" amendment on California's June 2010 ballot as an attempt to prevent San Francisco, Marin and other Northern California cities now moving to offer greener power at lower prices - and to relocalize power to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases. "San Francisco intends to procure at least 51 percent renewable energy by 2017 -- far above California's target of 33 percent renewables by 2020 for all utilities. PG&E is currently at 14 percent and plans to reach 20 percent by 2012," she writes. "Here is how San Francisco officials see the program working: By aggregating, San Francisco would receive the funds for energy efficiency programs that PG&E currently collects. It would use the money -- and its ability to generate revenue through tax-exempt bonds -- to reduce the need for peak-use-only plants by increasing local generation. Of the 360 megawatts that it has issued a request for, 150 MW would be from a local wind farm and 107 MW would be from local, renewable distributed generation."

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