Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green Power Kills

We have been waiting to see just how negative SF Weekly's cover story on San Francisco's CleanPowerSF (CCA) would be, and it was indeed perversely negative, including a misquote that makes me look like a cold-hearted eco-sacrificer of construction workers and poor people. We had anticipated that the Weekly, competing with the San Francisco Guardian, a CCA proponent, would inevitably come out Against. We are shocked to discover just how prejudicial and even scaremongering (good for a few PG&E ads no doubt) SF Weekly would be about San Francisco's plan to implement a 51% renewable electricity service. Author Peter Jamison did capture the magnitude of San Francisco's CCA program; and as they say, any news is good news - so we'll take it. Click here to read the Weekly article. While the Weekly article is nastily presented in Shock Doctrine fashion, Mr. Jamison managed to hit a few nails on the head (however disapprovingly), such as the importance of the opt-out structure - so a hit piece indeed, but worth a read nevertheless.

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